The Powerless Poet

Life is But This 命

On July 2 I lost the use of my right arm after a biopsy .  A 15cm tumour that is attached to a nerve was damaging the use of my right hand,  The tumour is not cancerous but I don’t see why they call it benign.  Perhaps it was the surgery that was malignant.

Life went on, assisted by friends who made life more bearable by being almost unbearably kind.


But for this

We would embrace

But for this

I would be safe from

Feeling crushed by

How hard you hug me 

When I can’t hug you

Mary Tang 鄧許文蘭

On July 21 a gang of armed pro-China thugs charged at an assembly of pro-democracy demonstrators and violently assaulted them in Hong Kong.  When I saw the footage on television, again I felt paralysed by events that are beyond my control.  As the Chinese say…

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