Winter in Sydney 2018

June 1 is the start of our official winter and today is cold (12 -15ºC), cloudy and wet.  We’d skipped autumn altogether, it seems.  I do see that the fig trees are dropping their leaves, letting light in to keep my orchids warm.  Several orchids have flower spikes on them and some, like this Dockrillia and the white phalaenopsis, bloomed.IMG_8228

Other than deciduous trees, most plants in the garden just laugh at our winter.  We have flowers all through the year.IMG_8258

3 Replies to “Winter in Sydney 2018”

  1. I was about to say that 10-15C is a nice spring day or a crisp fall one. No wonder your flowers bloom all year. Of course, you do get rather hot in the summer. It’s nice you have seasons but continual bloom. That’s the kind of climate I’d go for (well, maybe not your summer heat, though it’s un the upper 80’s F here and I’ve got my windows open…

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