The Biennale 2018 at Cockatoo Island

Not one sulphur-crested cockatoo nor any of the aboriginal people who first occupied this island was in sight when Johanna Ng and I visited Cockatoo Island yesterday.

We’d met in town to discuss Johanna’s artwork for my book cover.  During our conversation we discovered a mutual interest in the Biennale of Sydney so we headed to Circular Quay after lunch and hopped on the ferry to the former penal establishment and navy dockyard, now World Heritage listed site.

When the dockyard closed it laid derelict for a decade until it was rehabilitated and repurposed.  Cockatoo Island is opened for business.   Much of the evidence of its industrial past was preserved; it is a perfect venue for the art show.

Historical features of Cockatoo Island on Sydney Harbour remains.  This crane towers over a bar.


Ai Wei Wei’s Law of the Journey 2017 highlights the flight of refugees

Thai artist Mit Jai Inn’s work was created on site with a massive amount of pigments:

Yukinori Yanagi from Hiroshima, Japan reminded us of the devastation of nuclear weapons with a replica of Little Boy, the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima on 6 August 1945 during WWII.
Even the artist (centre) was bemused

To prove (unintentionally) that anything that can go wrong, will go wrong, the 3D printer that was programmed to extrude clay for Scottish artist Anya Gallaccio’s Beautiful Minds had a mind of its own and created – What Is It?   


Not an art installation but more interesting to me was this young man creating a vertical vegetable farm.  He supplies the produce to the catering outlets on the island.  He claimed he can grow a head of lettuce in 9 days.

As usual I had to take a photo of our Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House from the ferry on the way home.  The smoke is from burn-offs to prevent bushfires.


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